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Being a student of her father's didn't bother Song Tingxuan much, but the upcoming Gaokao (college entrance exam) and grandpa's funeral challenges this father-and-daughter relationship. Tingxuan's father becomes more and more picky and controlling about her grades and life. So she decides to rebel. But the way she rebels is just playing hooky for the first time and going to see a soccer game with Jiang Ran, an art student whom her father dislikes. At the same time, Tingxuan finds out her father, who is always the star teacher at school, was subject to an arranged life when he was a teenager. And Ran also shows her a different, cruel side of life that Tingxuan never imagined. 

​樱桃树    Cherry Tree







Three women from different time periods, having their life interacted because of one of them, the writer Shu Peng's fiction. Meng Zhiming lives in 1945, Chongqing, who has prepared to suicide if her boyfriend dies in the war. Fang Zhiyun lives in 1974, Ningxia, while the poverty and burden make her decide to get an abortion secretly. And Shu Peng herself lives in 2005, London. As gay marriage becomes legal, Shu's best friend Qin Ying is proposed by his boyfriend. Shu can't hide her real feeling anymore, she confesses her long-time love to Qin. She couldn't get the man she wants,  also couldn't give up her love and move on. Instead, she immerses herself in her fiction writing or, let's say, fantasy, and gradually, she forgets who she really is.


​此刻当时    Present and Then

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