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Production and Development History:
Reading at New China Festival, Silk Road Rising Theatre, Chicago, August 2018
Schapiro Theatre, Columbia University, New York, March 2018
Speaking As Then
Dan emigrated to the U.S after participating in a failed democratic movement happened in China. After almost 30 years, he finally takes his 17-year-old daughter Abby to revisit his family in Beijing. Abby is curious about her dad’s past, but feels deaf, speaking only English, and having lost her voice since her parents never taught her Chinese. Because of the language barrier, Abby struggles to build communication with her Chinese relatives. At the same time, this Chinese family wonders what brings Dan back home at the moment. They have no idea how to address their question and concerns even though they are speaking the same language.

Production History:​
Schapiro Theatre, Columbia University, New York, December 2017
​芳名。In The Name of Us
Conceived from the vandalism that Columbia Chinese students’ name tags were ripped off from their dorm doors during the Chinese New Year in 2017. In this play, four Chinese young women, who live in four different countries, suddenly realize the influence that their names give them while individually experiencing some important moments in their life.







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